Make Repairs to Your Car After an Accident

Make Repairs to Your Car After an Accident

Turn to us for collision repair services

It's a sad fact of life: mistakes happen. If you get into a fender bender, bring your car to Gordo Tire Center. Our trained mechanics will work efficiently to repair your vehicle so you can get back on the road again.

Call now to schedule an appointment for collision repair services.

Don't overlook your car's warning lights

Your vehicle goes through a lot on a daily basis. If you notice that something feels off, don't risk getting into an accident. Bring your car or truck to the experienced team at Gordo Tire Center.

We resolve all kinds of car problems, including:

  • Noisy brakes
  • Blown gaskets
  • Dead batteries
  • Faulty steering systems
  • Burnt-out headlights

You won't have to wait around for long-we have four qualified mechanics on staff.

In a hurry? You can save time by making an appointment. Contact us today to arrange for the repairs you need.